Best Baitcaster for Saltwater

Best Baitcaster for Saltwater
Best Baitcaster for Saltwater

We have reviewed some of the top-rated baitcaster reels on the market to help you find the Best Baitcaster for Saltwater. If you are in a hurry

Piscifun Torrent is the Best Saltwater Baitcaster.

Now, let us move to our in-depth review.

Best Baitcaster for Saltwater Review

Piscifun Torrent is the reel of choice for fishing enthusiasts. It is no less poised for the outgoing adventurer and the new angler. If you are looking to get your “shot” out on the lakes, streams, rivers or even oceans then read on.

Piscifun Torrent Right Handed 7.1:1...

When you buy this reel, you will find one piece Piscifun Torrent in the box, covered by soft bubble wrapping in a cardboard surrounding.

You will get a fishing reel that comes in stainless steel material. It is both light and durable at the same time. Additionally, it is 100 % corrosion-free even in the worst of saltwater conditions.

There are five strategically placed magnets within the reel, each made to optimize the overall magnetic effect made upon the ported aluminum spool. It is a feature made only with the user in mind. And the backlash-control, precision gauge, only improves the usability of this baitcaster.

I am yet to see a baitcaster at this price point which is any more convenient or easy to use.

Piscifun Torrent provides a great fishing experience overall. It offers more than enough speed, strength, durability, and ease of use to meet saltwater anglers at every level of their game. It is well worth it’s asking price, and many anglers consider it the best saltwater baitcaster.


Piscifun Torrent comes with a 7.1:1 gear ratio and a max drag capacity of 18 lbs. It has a mono capacity of 10 lbs./ 120 yds. and a braid capacity of 30 lbs. / 120 yds. It offers 30 inches of retrieve per turn.

Piscifun Torrent comes with six unique types of bearings, a big strong handle, and an excellent reel-leverage. It can handle numerous types of baits and jigs to allow you the flexibility of choosing your preferred style.

Another excellent feature of this reel is that it wears the fish out. The fish will get tired of fighting you, and you will quickly and easily have a fresh catch. The reel is so powerful that it makes it hard for even bigger types of saltwater fish, to resist such a strong pulling force.

The drag and power alone here are every reason to buy the Piscifun Torrent. With a 7.1:1 gear ratio and 18 lbs. drag, you get both the leverage and power needed to reel in even 25 lb. fish out of murky cover. It is also unbelievably quick when compared to other most baitcasters.

Piscifun Torrent comes with a magnetic brake system, offering 10 different settings (“0-10 brake system”). This ensures quick and ready adjustments for all anglers. These presets might be especially useful during those special on-the-fly tournaments.

The brake system works well with the double-line winding shafts to offer higher durability and stability.

Speed & Gear Ratio

A gear ratio of 7.1:1 means a few things. First, it implies this baitcaster carries an overall high gear ratio, in fact, one of the highest there is so far. The gear ratios for baitcasters tend to start at 5.1:1, going through 5.4:1. These are low gear ratio reels usually ideal for deep crankbaits, big swim baits, or deep-water spinnerbaits.

Then, the gear ratios progress upwards, from 6.1:1 to 6.4:1. These are what many consider the medium gear ratio reels which are suitable for square bill crankbaits, medium-depth crankbaits, shallow spinner baits or castable umbrella rigs.

Last, we have the high gear ratio reel from 7.1:1 to 8.1:1. These are made for shaky heads, big worms, topwater jigs, jerk baits, lipless crankbaits, Carolina and Texas rigs, etc.

Build Quality & Durability

A graphite composite body, reinforced CNC brass gear, 3 premium drag washers made of carbon fiber, 6 shielded stainless steel bearings, double-line winding shafts, and a 0-10 magnetic brake system, make this baitcaster a match made in heaven.

Piscifun Torrent comes with 6 bearings in total. All six bearings are shielded and made of stainless steel. The shielding ensures a long corrosion-free life from saltwater damage.

The build quality enhances the durability by miles as compared to many other competing baitcasters. And it is all corrosion-resistant, further adding to the durability.

Piscifun Torrent offers a beautifully simplistic, yet elegant design. The dark shiny black color certainly takes responsibility for most of this effect. But the shades of silver and red certainly add to the look and feel.

This baitcaster looks like it is made for the simple-at-heart, yet serious anglers, whether new or experienced. Piscifun Torrent is made for someone who wants a lasting reel, and not one who will look to replace in a couple of years.


Piscifun Torrent is the Best Baitcaster for Saltwater as per our reviews.

There are many reasons why Piscifun Torrent is our choice of the Best Baitcaster for Saltwater. And that says much. It is one heck of a deal when you stop to think about it!

Piscifun Torrent is very easy to use, for both short-term and long-term applications. Thanks to its components, such as the magnetic brake system, even new anglers will find this saltwater baitcaster easy to use.

Additionally, Piscifun Torrent is an innovative baitcaster in a black, red, and silver design which is hard to turn away from. It is well built and visually catchy. It is an excellent baitcaster for any fishers to add to their collection!

We hope you liked our choice of Best Baitcaster for Saltwater. Do not forget to share your experiences with us via the comments section!

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