Best Budget Red Dot Sights for AR15 Under $100 in 2020

Best Budget Red Dot for AR15: A red dot can help you with fast and accurate target acquisition. So we reviewed some of the top-rated yet cheap red dots for AR15, to find you the Best Red Dot Sights for AR15 Under 100. If you are in a hurry:

Bushnell TRS-25 is the Best Budget Red Dot for AR15.

Review Summary: Bushnell Trophy
  • Target Acquisition
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Build Quality
  • Durability

When it comes to speed of target acquisition and accuracy, Bushnell TRS-25 outperforms most other budget red dot sights even in low light. Due to its ease of use, build quality and design, Bushnell TRS-25 is our pick for the Best Budget Red Dot for AR15.

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Now, let us move to our in-depth reviews.

Best Budget Red Dot for AR15 Reviews

Bushnell Red Dot Sight

In our hunting endeavors over the years, we have used various Bushnell products. One feature, which we found common was ‘quality’. And, Bushnell Red Dot Sight lives up to the Bushnell brand name. In fact, it is one of the highest quality red dots for AR15 that we have ever used, irrespective of the price point. 

This AR15 Bushnell Red Dot is highly acclaimed and after learning about it, you would realize why. First is the user experience. Each feature contributes to delivering a great experience while you are shooting.

Whether you are a highly experienced shooter with many years of practice, an avid hunter, or a newbie, this red dot is likely to be the perfect fit for your AR15. One of the top features of this red dot is fast target acquisition even in low light conditions.

The front lens of this red dot sight is tinted amber to provide a bright contrast for fast target acquisition and accuracy. This feature is really helpful for hunters as it allows them to see their target even in the dim or fading light.

This Bushnell Red Dot Sight for AR15 provides a 3 MOA, red dot reticle with 11 levels of intensity settings. Higher the intensity, the higher the brightness of the red dot. Yet, the red dot may appear blurry if the intensity is set too high for the ambient light.

Thanks to its unlimited eye relief, this red dot sight can be used even with both eyes open. Due to its parallax-free design, the red dot follows the eye movement and stays fixed on the target. This eliminates the need for centering. It also helps in improving the hunter’s awareness of the surrounding environment.

Tacticon Predator V1 Red Dot Sight

Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot...

Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Sight is one of the most well built and accurate red dots on the market. It is positioned somewhat in the middle of the market, but it would be nearly impossible to find a better red dot sight for the money.

Even though this red dot sight is extremely durable, it is also very flexible and adjustable. This reflects well on the high ratings that this red dot sight has received from many reviewers. Tacticon Predator V1 can be easily sighted-in to get an accurate zero.

It is extremely adjustable as well. You can fully adjust for elevation and windage. Further on the topic of flexibility, this red dot scope can fit your AR-15 perfectly. It universally fits all Weaver and Picatinny Rail sections.

Tacticon Armament Predator V1 Red Dot Sight is crafted from high-quality aluminum and is waterproof as well as fog proof. As it is sealed using O-rings, it prevents water or fog from getting inside the tube and thus ensures clear images even in tough conditions. This red dot for AR15 can be used as a red and green dot sight with five different brightness levels.

Feyachi Red Dot Reflex Sight AR 15

Feyachi Reflex Sight - Adjustable...

Feyachi Red Dot Reflex Sight for AR 15 is a great bargain, thanks to its price tag. Feyachi Reflex Sight comes with many different, as well as, highly rated features that a red dot sight could have.

The reticle provides four different styles. The available reticle patterns are Dot, Circle with Dot, Crosshair with Dot, and a combination of Crosshair, Circle, and Dot. All these are available in just one sight! These reticle patterns paired with the 33mm lens provide faster target acquisition and a wide FOV.

Some low cost red dot sights compromise quality for the price. But this is a budget reflex sight that is sturdy and built to last. It comes with a highly secure rail mounting system for mounting to your AR 15.

Feyachi Reflex Sight offers unlimited eye relief for high precision and aiming. It weighs only 4.1 ounces, making it one of the most lightweight red dot reflex sights for AR 15. Although it is ultralight, it doesn’t compromise on usability as it is both waterproof and shockproof.

Feyachi red dot sight runs on a convenient 3v lithium battery which comes included in the box.

Ohuhu AR15 Red Dot Scope

Ohuhu Red Green Dot Gun Sight Scope...

When it comes to purchasing cheap red dot scope, you might be looking for a quality red dot that doesn’t break the bank. As the phrase goes, “you get what you pay for”. But, we honestly feel it does not apply to the Ohuhu Red Dot Scope.

There are many features that represent this red dot sight as a high-quality product. This red dot sight is winning bargain for most, especially those looking to buy their first budget red dot for AR15.

The design, while somewhat functional, is very helpful, but may not work with certain gun types. The design is a tubeless shape, including a 33mm reflex lens which is able to provide a wider field of view.

Another high-quality feature of Ohuhu AR15 Red Dot Scope is that it comes with 4 different reticle patterns and four sizes for a variable dot. The design of this scope features a built-in mount that fits the standard 20mm rail mounts.

There is also a 0.15-inch metal bar for Weaver and Picatinny rails. There is no real need to re-zero or re-configure this red dot sight while remounting. Ohuhu Red Dot Scope provides unlimited eye relief.

It also comes paired with screws for making elevation and windage adjustments. Construction and build quality contribute to the durability and lasting ability of this product. This red dot sight is ultralight, shockproof as well as waterproof. It is powered by a 3v lithium battery, which comes included.

Dagger Defense Red Dot Reflex Sight

Dagger Defense DDHB Red Dot Reflex...

Dagger Defence Red Dot is another mid-market reflex sight with many high-quality features. Like most low cost red dot sights in this price range, it offers an option for both green or red dot sight. It also supports four reticle patterns.

This red dot is constructed of aircraft-grade high-quality aluminum. Also, it comes with locking screws for easy adjustability. Like most competing red dots, it comes with a decent size 33mm outside lens.

At about 8 ounces, you can consider it as very lightweight as well as easily portable. It is reported to fit standard specification Weaver or Picatinny style top rails. The ergonomic design helps save space on the intended device and leaves a great amount of room for other accessories on your AR15. Thanks to the design and the sturdy built, this red and green dot reflex sight mounts AR15 well.

Besides the Dagger Defense Red Dot Reflex Sight, the packaging includes one battery, two Allen wrenches, an instruction manual and a cleaning cloth for the lens.

CVLife Red Dot

CVLIFE 1X22X33 Red Green Dot Gun Sight...

CVLife Red Green Dot is one of the best red dots for AR15 under 100 on the market. It comes with features that are comparable to most premium red dots but at a very reasonable price. It is likely to live up to expectations for most users.

Whether you are an avid hunter, an inexperienced shooter or anyone looking to improve their accuracy. CVLife Red Green Dot comes with a 33mm lens and is so lightweight that it doesn’t appear to add any weight to your rifle.

The length of the red dot scope is just over 80mm, making it ideal for your AR15 rifle.

This red dot score offers 4 popular reticle types, including the classic circle dot and cross, with unlimited eye relief. The red dot scope comes with a corrected parallax. Like most other red dot sights, it includes screws and wrenches to allow for full elevation and windage adjustments.

In fact, the Allen wrench comes included in the box. Lastly, this scope is crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy. And, it comes with an integrated 20mm mount for most 20mm Weaver, Picatinny, and RIS rails.

How to Pick the Best Budget Red Dot Under 100 for AR15

A red dot sight is a magnifying and targeting device that pairs with firearms to improve aim and precision. Red dot sights assist and by applying an aim point in the form of a red dot on a selected area or a pinpointed target.

Red dot sights provide more help and support than what most people generally assume. Although they are primarily a tool and accessory for firearms, red dot sights can be paired with cameras and telescopes as well.

Basically, the red dot sights are geared around aiming and scoping. They are a highly beneficial accessory for many products than just firearms. Red dots are a necessary add-on to improve one’s skill at shooting.

Speed and Accuracy

Compared to many other sights that can be attached to a gun or a camera, red dot sights offer a better experience. For example, red dot sights are far simpler to use when compared to other sights. Similarly, they are more easily available.

Red dots may differentiate depending on the brand and specifications, but they all have one feature in common. When contrasted with other sights, red dot sights offer increased speed for precise aimingThe way red dots operate and move to locate the intended target is amazing, especially in locating fast-moving targets.


Red dot sights also seem to have great reusability. Most red dot sights are versatile and can be connected to different equipment such as rifles, handguns, and shotguns. All these guns can benefit when paired with a red dot sight, helping shooters greatly improve their range, accuracy, and speed.

Red dot sights prove to be a helpful tool and aid for experienced as well as new hunters. Most first time or inexperienced hunters that use red dot sights have reported rapid improvement in accuracy in a short span of time.

Experienced hunters will tell you that it takes perseverance and time to improve one’s focus. But red dot sights can help you focus on targets easily and accurately, thus helping you shorten the learning curve.

Ease of Use

Most rifles are compatible with a range of sights, scopes and red dots. Obviously, you need to choose which of these can help you get a good sight and view of your intended target.

You may think you need an expensive scope for your rifle, but maybe you just really need a simple scope or a red dot sight. With the addition of a red dot sight, any shooting experience can be easily improved. Red Dots come with always low magnification power, making them safer for inexperienced users.

Red dot sights are a highly helpful accessory for different guns in many different ways. They are not only used by the first time or inexperienced shooters to practice and build up accuracy. The red dot sights can help experience shooters focus better as well.


All red dot sights are beneficial for improving shooting speed and accuracy. Still, it is important to understand their features to help differentiate among the different ones on the market.

Size and fitment should be the first thing to consider when buying a red dot sight. The red dot sights vary in size, so it is important to consider one which would fit your selected firearm. Another feature to consider when purchasing a red dot sight would be the battery size and power.

Most red dot sights are battery-powered, and the reticles appear black when they run out of power. Build quality and durability should also be considered when shopping for a red dot sight. As red dot sights are mostly used outdoors during hunting, they should be able to withstand even rough conditions.


Again, here is our list of the 6 Best Budget Red Dot Sights for AR15 Under $100:

  1. Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot Sight
  2. Tacticon Predator V1 Red Dot Sight
  3. Feyachi Red Dot Reflex Sight
  4. Ohuhu Red Dot Scope
  5. Dagger Defense Red Dot Reflex Sight
  6. CVLife Red Dot

It is obvious that even though all these red dots are marvelous in their own ways, the Bushnell TRS-25 is the Best Budget Red Dot for AR15.

For one, this red dot sight allows for fast and accurate target acquisition. But it also allows 5 variable red dot brightness settings. You can use it effectively during dawn, dusk or the middle of the night. Yet, you can easily use it even on a bright sunny day if you increase the brightness setting.

If you have any other suggestions for Best Budget Red Dot for AR15 Under 100 then you can let us know via the comments section. We will try to include it in our next update,