Best Ultralight Spinning Reel 2021

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel 2021
Best Ultralight Spinning Reel

We have reviewed some of the top-rated yet lightweight fishing reels out there on the market to help you pick the Best Ultralight Spinning Reel.

If you are in a hurry:

Okuma Ceymar is the Best Ultralight Spinning Reel.

Now, let us move to our detailed reviews.

Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Reviews

Here is our pick of the 11 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels:

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Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel-...

Okuma Ceymar is an ultralight yet heavy-duty fishing reel. It offers multi-disc support and a felt drag system with a pressure of 5 lbs. Okuma has crafted the Ceymar spinning reel using precision-machined 2-tone anodized aluminum. It comes with quick-set anti-reverse roller bearings to provide stability even under extreme conditions.

This ultralight Okuma reel comes with a gear ratio of 5.0:1 and bearings rated at 6BB + 1RB. It has a line retrieve of 21 in. which gives you much leeway. It has a line capacity of 2/210, 4/110, or 6/70 which gives you flexibility for choosing the right fishing approach.

Inside of the box, you will receive the Okuma Ceymar wrapped inside of the protective packaging. The packaging is very neat and organized which provides a sense of confidence in the product. You will also get a set of in-depth instructions and a warranty manual.

The multi-disc oiled felt drag system on this reel gives you a cutting-edge control over your catch. These features in combination with the 2-tone machined aluminum spool give you ultimate control over the reel.

The handle on this reel is based on an ergonomic design for ultimate comfort. Okuma Ceymar has a corrosion-resistant body architecture to protect your reel from degradation.

The Okuma Ceymar reel has an astonishing design and streamlined aesthetic quality. The handle is designed using forged zinc that is rigid in combination with black anodized handle design. Okuma has designed this reel using machined aluminum with a 2-tone wobble-resistant anodized spool.

Emerald Eagle High Speed

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel,Size 5000...

KastKing Emerald Eagle 4000 is comparable to ultralight spinning reels that cost much more. It only weighs 10.1 ounces and it is super lightweight. The gear ratio is 6.2:1. It has a fast retrieve rate. If you don’t know what that means, it means it reels in fast and you’ll be able to get the line back out quicker for more catches!

There are 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings. This makes casting and retrieving very smooth. The spool is braid ready and spooling is easy. I never saw twisting or tangling on the line on the spool.

It’s very powerful, that’s all I can say. It has a sealed, waterproof carbon drag system with a 22lb max drag. This reel is designed for both saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. I’ve only used it for walleye fishing, so I can only comment on saltwater fishing. Yes, it handles very well in saltwater.

This is a really good price for a great brand name. If you’re into the style and looks of the reel, I’d say you’d like the way this looks. The emerald green color really pops and the black graphite body shines. The design on the aluminum spool looks cool and sometimes I see how it does look like an eagle, just like the name so that’s cool too.

Cadence CS4 Ultralight

CS4 Spinning Reel,Cadence Ultralight &...

I ordered the Cadence CS$ for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. I use it with the Cadence CR5-30 spinning rod.  The reel balances well on this rod.  The reel is ultralight and the entire rig put together is lightweight. I needed a reel that can pull the fish in quick yet still have a smooth drag.  This thing has 8 stainless steel anti-corrosive ball bearings.

The gear ratio is 5.2:1.  The drag system is made of carbon fiber.  The max drag of the CS4 1000 is 9lbs and the CS4 4000 is 16lbs. The price point for the reel is good in the first place, but I went ahead and did the upgrade to the 4000 because the price difference wasn’t a lot. I’m so glad that I did because it is very powerful.  It was totally worth it.  The cast is smooth, and the drag is just as smooth and steady.

As I said, the reel is corrosion resistant.  That’s good for me because I’m not the best at keeping up with cleaning it up every time after I come in from the day. It does seem pretty water-resistant because I haven’t had any problems with water, sand or dust getting locked up in the gears. Overall, I am so happy with this reel. It is easy to use, lightweight, and super powerful!

Centron Lightweight Reels

KastKing Centron Spinning Reel,Size 5000...

KastKing Centron Reels are lightweight, high powered, smooth, and stylish. These reels are packed with a large number of features at a low price point. The unique design paired with the lightweight graphite frame and powerful drag makes for stylish, easy to cast reels that last for years.

The staple features, like casting and reeling, are smooth, and additional features like instant anti-reverse and a collapsible crank handle make the Centron very easy to use. The reel is compatible with both mono and braided line. This makes the reel very versatile and therefore an excellent addition to your fishing gear.

Its lightweight graphite frame and innovative 9+1 ball bearing system provide a great amount of drag and power to handle a variety of fish – from bass to carp to catfish. It’s ultralight, compact design makes casting effortless even for beginners.

In addition to functioning well, the KastKing spinning reels look great. The two-color anodized aluminum has a sleek design and is made to stand up to wear so it always looks brand new.

Lastly, the customer service is great. If anything about your reel doesn’t work, they are quick and happy to help. Buying KastKing Centron 5000 is one of the easiest decisions which you can make.

Penn Spinfisher VI Ultralight

Penn 1481262 Spinfisher VI Spinning...

As Penn is known for, this reel’s strength…is its strength. You can catch a king fish off a kayak if you want. To match it has a fluid 5 ball-bearing cranking system that does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. There is a 6th bearing in the anti-reverse system as well.

Penn Spinfisher VI comes with the HT-100 drag system. The 100 in HT-100 stands for the expected run length before you have to change the drag system. 100 miles is a good lifespan for the cost of this reel.

Penn has made adjusting the drag a much more pleasant experience. The drag adjustment is now as simple as using the 4 click system on the back of the reel. No more having to reset and adjust. The drag also lets out as your reel turns. It is as close to autopilot as it gets.

The body is all metal and the side plates as well. The gear parts are made one at a time and not on an assembly line, which adds to its durability. Any model 5500 and below contain aluminum main gears. Models over 5500 are made with brass. All models are ambidextrous. The handle can be easily changed from side to side.

We all recognize a Penn reel when we see one. With the Spinfisher VI also they have maintained their brand look. The gold and black look really complement its strength and durability. The design is easy to use with the gear adjustment in the bottom on and the easy to use drag and anti-reverse right at your fingertips.

Penn gets an A on customer service. I have not had to use them myself. But, people have gotten brand-new reels when they have sent them in for repairs. That is pretty awesome.

Pflueger Supreme XT

Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Spinning...

Pflueger Supreme is surprisingly strong for such a lightweight reel. It is durable enough to handle several hours of fishing daily, and won’t fall apart when you use it a lot. High-quality materials set the Pflueger Supreme apart because they keep the reel light but sturdy.

The ultralight magnesium alloy and carbon fiber that they used throughout the reel is durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can be sure that your reel is going to last for as long as you need it to. Bails are often the first things to get broken on a spinning reel, so Pflueger made this one stronger than expected.

Another part of the reel that was designed to last longer is the drag system. In other products, the drag can be affected when something gets into the gears, or they can get stuck. Pflueger Supreme made the whole system out of one piece, so it is a lot harder to break.

Ten is the maximum number of bearings that a spinning reel can hold, and the Pflueger Supreme puts all of them to work. Having so many bearings helps keep the reel operating smoothly. Also, you can crank the handle without worrying about it getting stuck.

Pflueger’s Supreme XT is powerful enough to handle a few large fish who might be fighting the line. Even though it is a small reel for fish that are only a few pounds, I have used it to bring in fish that are double that weight.

Penn Battle II Saltwater

Penn 1338219 Battle II 4000 Spinning...

Penn Battle II is easy to cast and easy to reel thanks to the smooth drag system and five sealed stainless steel bearings. The instant anti-reverse bearing also makes it so you never experience pullback and reel easily without any sort of interruption.

Its aluminum body makes it lightweight and easy to use compared to other more expensive competitors. The lightweight makes it a breeze to travel with and the drag is easy to adjust to suit your needs. It is easy to take apart in case you need to clean it.

The spool is also compatible with a variety of lines, making the Penn Battle II reel easy to integrate into your fishing kit. It can be used with Superline and is equipped with a rubber gasket to prevent slipping.

The spool easily accommodates braided line without a monofilament backing. Lastly, the line capacity ring markings allow the angler to quickly assess how much line is remaining.

Penn Clash II Fishing Reel

PENN Clash II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn had a reputation for putting out heavy reels.  However, much of their gear from the past several years are using new technology and materials. The idea was to cut weight while remaining durable and highly functional. Penn Clash II is a good example of this. Penn Clash II is a fantastic fishing reel with great specs.

It comes with the Rigid Resin RR30 Carbon rotor with Techno Balance Technology. RR30 Carbon is high strength graphite that is designed to be powerful yet lightweight. The reel also has a full aluminum body with an aluminum side plate and rotor but only weighs 8.5 oz. This low weight allows you to fish all day without hurting your back. Or go up a size and have the extra line and power in case a bigger fish happens to come along. The choice is yours.

In addition to the ultra-low weight, it comes with 8+1 upgraded ball bearings. It also has a super line spool, line capacity rings, and an Infinite Anti-Reverse bearing. The 2500 model can also handle up to 140 yards of 10lb mono line or 160 yards of 20lb braid. This makes it perfect for catching big or small fish. The Penn Clash series was built with big fish in mind.

Honestly, you can even catch a 30-pound redfish with ease on the 2500 model. Having the Penn name and quality behind your new reel will give you the confidence to use it over and over again. It can survive an accidental dunking or a bang on rocks without a problem. And if you buy the wrong size, the Clash is a quality reel that tends to hold its resale value.

KastKing Sharky III Reels

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing...

The sheer amount of features this reel has for its price is simply incredible. It is arguably one of the smoothest and reliable reels available in its class. For the price that this reel goes for on the market, there simply aren’t any formidable competitors.

It is well-built and versatile. In fact, every part of this reel is designed with longevity in mind:

  • Stainless steel body.
  • Reinforced 3-disc carbon drag system.
  • Anti-corrosive zinc alloy gears.
  • MaxiDur stainless steel ball bearings.

Instant lock anti-reverse component prevents slipping at critical moments. The aluminum handle is incredibly durable and long-lasting. High-density EVA grips offer a solid grip under all circumstances.  The reel also features a zinc alloy drive gear for a solid all-around performance.

Sharky III 4000 has a 5.2:1 gear ratio and offers a max drag of 39 lb. This is a very powerful combination to give you ultimate flexibility. The drag system uses 3 discs to provide resilient functionality under all conditions. It comes with 10+1 ball bearings to give you smooth control. It features a revolutionary spool design that removes the need for linebacking.

The pinion is made with manganese brass which is highly durable and resistant to wear & tear. The sheer power of this reel given all its strategically designed elements is simply astonishing. The intuitive way all parts flow seamlessly gives you confidence that you will not find with any other reel in its class.

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder

KastKing Emerald Eagle Spinning...

I bought and used the Okuma Avenger A series and love it. My wife bought me another for my birthday and she gave me this B series reel, the ABF-55B. Both bait feeders are fricking awesome. It has a one-handed bait feeder which is great. I’m able to put down the rod and wait.

I like how when the fish grabs the bait and runs, the spinning reel disengages letting the fish run. It gives off a crisp clicking sound. The drag is adjustable. The bait feeder has always switched with ease and shifts the reel to the front drag. The multi-disc drag system is very smooth and it feels powerful.

It’s easy to determine if there’s a bigger fish. The speed that drags spool out depends on how much fight the fish is giving on the line. Again, the line pulls off real smooth due to the drag system’s oil felt washers.

The gear ratio is 4.5:1 with a max drag of 19. The graphite body and rotor are all corrosion-resistant. That includes the 6 ball bearings and 1 anti-reverse bearing. The handle is comfortable. It is like the shape of a T. It’s comfortable that I would be able to be out all day with it, but usually I have two or three rods in the water at a time. This model is a great addition for me.

KastKing Brutus Freshwater

KastKing Brutus Spinning Reel,Size 3000...

KastKing makes many different reels for different types of fishing and I have a lot of them! Recently, they came out with the Brutus which is a spincast reel that is a double pickup reel. I chose to buy the 4000 model because it was the best of the Brutus and it was only a bit more expensive than the 2000 model.

It is a 5:1 gear ratio that provides fast line retrieve but provides enough power to reel in the fish like trout or bass. It has on it a max drag of 17 ½ lbs. I usually use a 40 lb. braided line. That works well for me and don’t usually have a problem with the line slipping. The ball bearings are 4+1.

Of course, it has all the qualities that we expect from KastKing… durability, graphite frame and rotor, aluminum ball bearings with a high capacity spool, reversible handle with easy casting and retrieve. Like I said, all this I and others expect from KastKing.

Basically, this is the best ultralight spinning reel under $50 for anyone just starting out. You’ll know that you’ll want to add this to your collection. It’s lightweight and the price is reasonable.


Our pick of the 11 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels:

  1. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel
  2. Emerald Eagle High Speed
  3. Cadence CS4 Ultralight
  4. Centron Lightweight Reels
  5. Penn Spinfisher VI Ultralight
  6. Pflueger Supreme XT
  7. Penn Battle II Saltwater
  8. Penn Clash II Fishing Reel
  9. KastKing Sharky III Reels
  10. Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder
  11. KastKing Brutus Freshwater

Okuma Ceymar the Best Ultralight Spinning Reel for fishing as per our reviews. The corrosion-resistant graphite body gives confidence that the reel will serve well in all conditions. Combined with the multi-disc felt drag system it makes this reel a superior lightweight option.

We hope you like our pick of the Best Ultralight Spinning Reels. If you have any other suggestions, you may let us know via comments. We will try to include it in our next update.

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