Best Duck Calls for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Duck Calls for Beginners – Reviews & Buying Guide
Best Duck Calls For Beginners

If you are new to duck hunting, a duck call is one of the first things which you should be looking to buy and learn. In this article, we have reviewed some of the top-rated yet easy duck calls to find you the Best Duck Calls for Beginners.

If you are in a hurry:

Duck Commander Jase Robertson is the Best Duck Call for Beginners.

Best Duck Calls for Beginners Reviews

We have reviewed some of the best duck calls on the market which are easy to blow. While shortlisting these duck calls, we paid a lot of attention to ease of use, durability, loudness, authenticity, and effectiveness.

Here is our list of the 12 Best Beginner Duck Calls:

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As you can see, duck hunters have a myriad of choices when looking for the easiest duck call to use. In order to select a good duck call for beginners, you need to understand what differentiates one from another. Now let’s take an in-depth look at these duck calls to help you pick your first call.

Jase Robertson Pro Series

Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series...

Jase Robertson Pro Series is a research-driven duck call. It tactically and functionally surpasses the competition. The double reed provides the harmony and pressure of a single reed, minus the difficulty. It has a wide range of vocalizations. The Jase can carry across open waters or finish perfectly when the game is close.

The double reed friction fit system, patented by Phil Robertson, delivers great harmony, pressure, and range. With a high piercing tone, to a low raspy one, it can mimic any version of the mallard hen.  This friction fit system is easy to blow and can lure a duck from any distance or climate. The Jase Pro Series comes in wood and acrylic models with ten unique color options.

The wood models use quality wood with polycarbonate inserts. It has an authentic Jase Robertson stamp of approval. The shortened polycarbonate barrel and reeds need less air. The result is an extremely easy-to-blow call. The material never shrinks or swells. It provides hunters accurate vocalization in even the most severe weather conditions.

The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call is a leader in innovation and versatility. Its wide range of vocalization and broad climate efficacy make it a top-selling call on the market. Besides having some of the top features, Jase Robertson is very affordable as well. This makes the Jase Robertson Pro the best duck call for beginners and top choice amongst duck hunters today.

Duck Commander Triple Threat

Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call -...

Duck Commander sent waves through the call world when they put the Triple Threat Edition on the market. This beginner call uses a unique three reed system that is field-test proven and very easy to blow. The Triple Threat requires little air, is easy to harmonize, and has high durability. This classic series comes in green and comes with a very tough polycarbonate finish.

The friction fit system that the Triple Threat has makes it easy to take apart, clean, and re-assemble. It’s the first triple reed that Duck Commander has produced. It comes with precise cleaning instructions. This duck call is designed specifically to cover the entire range of the mallard hen. The Triple Threat can sound gravely or scratchy. Whether it is a high or low pitch, this call stays tough and carries in any weather condition.

The toughness and durability provide many vocalization options when the weather becomes challenging. Its Phil Robertson approved technology allows for easy air manipulation. This makes it easy for beginners to sound exactly like the pros. From a low raspy mature hen to a clear high pitched young one, the Triple threat covers all grounds. Easy to blow while duck calling, this is certainly a top choice.

Duck Commander Triple Threat features a triple reed design that helps beginners in producing extremely authentic duck sounds. You can disassemble it for cleaning without any worry as it doesn’t change its sound after reassembly.

If you are looking for the perfect all around duck call for beginners then Duck Commander Triple Threat should be your choice. On our list, it is the next Best Duck Call for Beginners.

Buck Gardner Double Nasty

Buck Gardner Double Nasty Camo Green...

Buck Gardner brought big-time innovation to duck calls with the Double Nasty. This double reed duck call is unique. It can make highly accurate and carrying sounds in the most adverse situations. The Spit Technology helps it stay effective through saliva, rain, or water. It is made with a tough acrylic material and comes in a camo green color.

The double reed system makes for a loud and raspy call that provides every hunter with more action. The ground-breaking no-stick spit technology has made it one of the most popular double reed duck calls out there. It is a double reed that is easy to blow so it is naturally a favorite for new hunters. Making sure it is perfect, all Nasty Doubles are hand tuned in Memphis Tennessee.

Being hand tuned by dedicated hunters makes this beginner call very reliable and consistent. The Spit technology allows it to take a lot of water abuse but continue to produce the best sounds. This allows hunters to hunt at their best in a wide range of environments and situations. With its brown bell and silver middle, this call is not only great for hunting but looks sharp too.

While you may still have to practice this call a bit to be fully effective, it has the shortest learning curve amongst all duck calls. You can learn duck calling in hours and not days with Double Nasty. Overall, it is a good duck call for beginners.

Uncle Si Single Reed

Uncle Si Single Reed Duck Call

Uncle Si has said, “It will get em’ right into the decoys, Jack!”, when referring to his Single Reed Duck Call. This one reed call is extremely easy to blow and harmonize and produces a high, raspy tone. This duck call is a great choice for beginners, intermediate, or professional hunters. Uncle Si comes in a nice green color. It has a strong polycarbonate construction for toughness and durability.

The Polycarbonate material allows for its strong calls and ability to hold up in any kind of weather. The high, raspy tone carries long and far and does a perfect impression of the Mallard. Being easy to use, and approved by Uncle Si himself, it is a big favorite amongst beginning hunters. This tough and durable single reed duck call comes in one color. It is one of the most affordable, high-quality single reeds on the market.

Given Uncle Si’s ability, new duck hunters can feel confident when using this single reed call. His personal approval carries a lot of credibility in the duck world. It guarantees a highly efficient and durable product. Uncle Si’s provides duck hunters with the tools and tactics they need to hunt at their best. This “ducky” call will bring more fun and action to your game.

The single reed design is easy to blow for beginners. Among single reed duck calls, Uncle Si is the easiest duck call for beginners. It is also durable and made from sturdy polycarbonate. The Uncle Si duck call is durable and keeps its sound from season to season. The raspy sound is produced easily by beginners and is loud enough for use in wide open hunting spaces.

Camo Max Waterfowl Call

DUCK COMMANDER Camo Max Duck Call-...

Duck Commander Camo Max is versatile and provides a precise mallard duck sound. The call can be loud but provides a quieter sound for closer spaces which is helpful for beginners. The double reed design is easy to learn for beginners.

The Duck Commander Camo Max is a camouflaged duck call that doesn’t have any bright colors. The Realtree Max 4 Camo pattern keeps you completely hidden. It gives ducks no reason to flare out. It uses a double reed system, is made of high impact plastic, and is tough and durable in any condition. Having a wide range of vocalization as well, this call produces many of the sounds made by the Mallard.

It has a great mid-to-low range finishing tone. But this call is not limited to but is great at close distances. The Duck Commander Camo has a variety of calls with specific applications. It is a great duck call for beginners or hardcore hunters. This call is part of the gunning series, providing custom calls at a very affordable price. Being hidden in the blind with this great tool is a huge asset to your hunting game.

Having the ability to be completely hidden makes this duck call a great choice for any hunter. If you suspect that ducks are spotting you, just simply switch to the Camo Max. This has been a best-selling call for Duck Commander for almost fifteen years. And, it continues to improve. It is great for the middle range and finishing calls. You can manipulate its deep sounds down to almost nothing when you are close.

Haydels DR-85 Mallard Duck Call

Haydel's Game calls Inc. DR-85 Mallard...

Haydels DR-85 is a top-selling duck call with the nickname “The Deceiver”. The fully adjustable floating wedge allows for easy personal tuning. This double reed covers the full chromatic scale, which has won it many “Meat Calling Contests”. Being easy to use, it gives beginners the ability to mimic the exact sounds of the mallard. This is a clear colored duck call and is very affordable.

Thanks to the full chromatic scale, it offers hunters a wide range of vocalizations. It proves to be deceptive yet versatile. This combined with easy personal tuning makes it a leading choice call in duck hunting today. The clear color allows it to blend in so that you can keep hidden.

When hunting, sometimes your call can slip out of tune, especially when dropped. This can throw hunters off their game and waste their time, resulting in lesser ducks. Hayden’s DR-85 brings hunters a special technology that allows for quick easy tuning. This call is deceptive, and tough, providing a nice camouflage and accurate mallard sounds.

Haydels DR-85 is helpful for beginners as it offers a full chromatic scale. It is also relatively inexpensive with the qualities of more premium products. This duck call is easy to learn for beginners and is quite useful for calling in mallards.

Pintail/Widgeon Six Calls in One

Duck Commander Pintail/Widgeon Call

The Duck Commander Pintail/Widgeon is a unique product in the world of duck hunting. Subtle changes to the high impact plastic surface make an already great call even better. The new sharper sounds can mimic six different birds. This edition can make exact sounding calls from a Pintail, a Widgeon, a Morning Dove, a Bobwhite Quail, a Green Winged Teal, and a Mallard Drake.

The many possibilities offered by this duck call make it a sure staple on the lanyard of any style duck hunter. With simple whistles and sharp tones, it makes even the most call shy ducks feel more comfortable. Its easiness and accuracy make it a favorite amongst beginners. But it will certainly result in more action for everyone. This limited edition no-reed call comes in a very nice yellow and is perfect for waterfowl.

This Duck Commander 6-in-1 edition is a great confidence call for beginners. Its multi-sound feature shows its worth in the late season when ducks are more suspicious. It is a very forgiving call and hard to mess up, making duck hunting easier for youngsters and beginners. Adding this tool to your waterfowl hunting arsenal will leave you prepared and ready for a lot more action.

Thanks to its price, it is the best duck call for the money as per our reviews.

Primos Hunting High Roller

Primos Hunting 838 Duck Call, High...

The Primos Hunting 383 Duck Call High Roller is one of the most versatile calls on the market. This duck call has a built-in roller that allows you to manipulate the sound. It results in more accuracy. This sound manipulation allows you to produce the rolling, fluttering whistle of the pintail to perfection. This call is teal in color, and its 4 in 1 feature gives hunters a lot of options in the field.

Unlike most other calls, the high roller easily produces the fluttering sounds of the pintail along with four other birds. The wide range of vocalization allows it to mimic the Mallard Drake, Wigeon, Teal, and Pintail. Versatile and easy to use, this call is popular in the duck community. It is very easy to use and provides beginners with the tools needed to hunt like pros.

This duck call is sharp looking with its unique cross-like shape and teal color. Whether a beginner or a serious hunter, the versatility of this call will bring you more action. With a call this effective, it is continuously gaining popularity. It is quite affordable as well. Add a High Roller to your hunting lanyard today to improve your duck hunting game.

Wood Ducks Hunting Call

DUCK COMMANDER Wood Duck Call- Three...

The Duck Commander Wood Duck Call, according to the duck men, “Will have you spitting feathers!”. The high impact plastic is part of their special series and is great for making wood duck sounds. Along with wide vocalization, it is also tough and durable. It allows for high quality duck hunting in any climate.

The Wood Duck Call has a one reed construction system which makes it easy to blow and use. It is the best wood duck call for beginners as per our reviews.

This call makes some of the most accurate and real duck sounds on the market. Depending on the level of pressure that you apply, it can produce three different levels of sound. To make the first sitting wood duck call you can simply apply pressure and blow. The same is used for the second level by just applying more pressure. Lastly, applying back-end pressure on your call will produce the third.

When hunting wood ducks, it is important to understand how to produce the sitting call. Wood ducks will not swim or fly to another flying duck. With a little easy air manipulation, the Wood Duck Call perfectly re-creates all forms of the sitting duck call. But it is not limited to sitting calls. This is one of the best wood duck calls out there. It can make flying calls as well, proving to be a very well-rounded duck call.

Buck Gardner 6-1 Pintail Whistle

Buck Gardner 6-in-1 Pintail Whistle Duck...

With the Buck Gardner 6 in 1 Call, Buck has produced one of the most versatile and well-rounded calls on the market. Having this call on your lanyard gives you the rare ability to mimic the sounds of six different birds. It can replicate a Mallard Drake, a Pintail, a Wigeon, a Teal, a Wood Duck, and a Bobwhite Quail. Proving its versatility, this duck call can make long carrying dog whistle sounds as well.

Easy to use and versatile, it allows beginners to hunt effectively in a wide range of situations. Beginners are not the only ones who will enjoy this call. It provides every hunter with excellent versatility and toughness. Designed with a larger bell-end, it produces louder volume than the competition. It comes in the black color and looks sharp on any lanyard.

This duck call is so easy to use that kids or hunters who don’t usually make calls can blow it perfectly. It comes with step-by-step instructions. The instruction can help you learn how to make any humming or buzzing sound necessary. It makes replicating the raspy quack of a mallard or the erratic cadence of a pintail feel so simple. Buck Gardner has given the duck hunting world a great gift by putting this item on the market.

Mallard Drake Duck Call

DUCK COMMANDER Mallard Drake Duck Call

This duck call is part of a specialty series. It focuses on reproducing the exact sounds of the Mallard Drake. It is great for attracting “off ducks”. Its confidence call is highly effective when ducks become leery. This call is unique in that it produces a low, humming whistle, rather than a quack like other calls. The humming whistle perfectly mimics the Mallard Drake, making this call a great pick.

The Duck Commander Mallard Drake Duck Call is a favorite among beginning hunters.  It is among the best mallard duck calls out there yet it is extremely easy to blow. It allows beginners to make specialized calls like the pros, without any problems. This call is made of high impact plastic that makes it tough and durable for any type of weather. It comes in a solid green color which camouflages perfectly while in the field.

Since this duck call makes realistic mallard sounds, it brings more action to hunters. It produces tones that are specific to the mallard drake. But it can also carry through any environment. The durability of this duck call allows you to hunt in different climates without wearing out. Being efficient and affordable, this call is very popular in the duck world.

Echo Timber Double Reed Wood Calls

Echo Calls Diamonwood Timbers Double...

The Echo Timber Double Reed Duck Call is an Arkansas style call that is hand tuned and easy to blow. This double reed call is easy to use. It allows beginners much success in difficult close-range situations. It is designed to create echo calls precisely for close calling. Echo Timber Double Reed is a favorite among Guides and serious hunters. It comes in blue, natural bocote, and green colors, and looks great on any duck hunting lanyard.

Being hand tuned with a double reed assures that this call will be accurate, consistent, and tough. It has built-in technology which allows for perfect blowing even while the call is wet. This feature is an asset to any hunter. It provides them with durability and effectiveness when problems arise. Not having to slow down and clean when your duck call gets wet keeps you in the game and attracts more action.

The Arkansas style is becoming the standard style among modern duck calls. These echo calls have five main parts designed to improve function and durability. It has a barrel, an insert, a tone board, a reed, and a wedge. This combination of parts allows for it to produce the most accurate and tough sounds. With four great colors and amazing results in close quarters, this duck call is a top choice for any hunter.

How to Buy a Duck Call for Beginners

Duck calls vary significantly as per materials used, craftsmanship, suitability, and effectiveness. We shortlisted duck calls for beginners on the basis of:

  • Material and Craftsmanship
  • Loudness and Authenticity
  • Effectiveness

We hope this buyer’s guide will help you choose your first call.

Material and Craftsmanship

Most duck calls are constructed from, plastic (polycarbonate), wood or acrylic. Duck calls made from plastic are the cheapest while the ones made from acrylic tend to be expensive. For beginners, it’s important that the call is durable enough to last practice as well as season and hence we have ruled out the cheap plastic ones.

When it comes to duck calls, craftsmanship is very important as a poorly crafted duck call would make learning extremely hard. All beginners should look for a duck call from a reputable company known for its craftsmanship.

Loudness and Authenticity

Hunting on lakes and rivers requires a call that is louder and high pitched so that the notes can travel further. Whereas, if you are hunting in places like flooded timber, potholes, and beaver ponds then a softer call with authentic sound is more important than the reach.

If you are waterfowl hunting in wide and open spaces with the wind and flying ducks, then a ‘single-reed’ call will help you get the attention of ducks. Although single-reed calls have more range and versatility, they are harder to master than double reed calls.

Double reed calls have a more realistic sound, suited for closed in timber hunting spaces like flooded timber and beaver ponds. The double reed sounds more “ducky” and helps you pull the birds within twenty or thirty-yard gun range.

Double reed calls are a good choice for beginners are they easier to learn, which helps build confidence in a novice duck hunter.


Duck calls are effective only if used correctly. As duck behavior can change based on mood, climate, or hunger, a hunter must be able to adapt his call to these moods.

The duck call must be able to catch and hold the attention of the ducks within the hunting zone. Hence you must choose a call that will help you sound realistic and fit the moment.


Again, here is our list of the 12 Best Duck Calls for Beginners:

  1. Jase Robertson Pro Series
  2. Duck Commander Triple Threat
  3. Buck Garder Double Nasty
  4. Uncle Si Single Reed
  5. Camo Max Waterfowl Call
  6. Haydels DR-85 Mallard Duck Call
  7. Pintail/Widgeon Six Calls in One
  8. Primos Hunting High Roller
  9. Wood Ducks Hunting Call
  10. 6-1 Pintail Whistle
  11. Mallard Drake Duck Call
  12. Echo Timber Double Reed Wood Calls

Jase Robertson Pro Series is the Best Beginner Duck Call as per our reviews. This beginner call easily surpasses the competition with its range of vocalization and features. It is perfect for open waters or finishing when the game is close. A great harmony, range, and pressure, it is the clear favorite among duck hunters.

Our runner up for Best Duck Call for Beginners is Duck Commander Triple Threat which is a very good all-around call. Combined with its ease of use, it can be the first call you buy. One of its biggest draws is the Tripple Reed which makes it easy to blow for beginners.

Double Nasty offers the range of a single reed duck call with the ease of use of a double reed call. It provides a loud call for drawing in ducks as well as a softer call for ducks within the shooting range. It is durable and holds up well for a beginner to practice extensively before hunting.

If you a fair idea about your requirements and the areas where you would be hunting, you can also look at other duck calls on our list. But if you are simply looking for the Best Budget Duck Call, then you can check out Duck Commander Pintail/Widgeon Call. It is easy to use and hard to mess up while duck calling.

If you are looking for a loud duck call that is extremely effective in wide and open spaces, then you must pick Duck Commander Uncle Si.

We hope you like our list of best duck calls for beginners. If you have used any of these calls, then do let us know your experience in the comments section.