Jetty Boat at Fisherman’s Wharf Review

Jetty Boat at Port Aransas

Jetty Boat at Fisherman’s Wharf is located in Port Aransas, TX, considered the “fishing capital of Texas”. Fisherman’s Wharf provides the best in off-shore fishing and daily scenic adventure trips. This place is absolutely amazing and a must-see.

You can take jetty boat fishing trips or adventures to check out the undeveloped beaches in the area. Ride on some massive boats that are sure to delight and watch wildlife emerge from the depths of the sea to the sky above. This bit of heaven can only be found at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Be sure to make a reservation today.

Fishing with Fisherman’s Wharf

Enjoy the best in jetty boat fishing adventures. The crew is always ready to lend a hand if needed. All levels of fishermen are sure to enjoy these trips.

Anyone over the age of 17 is required to have a valid Texas fishing license before boarding the jetty boat. But Fisherman’s Wharf does not sell fishing licenses. You can purchase a fishing license at:

  • Walmart
  • HEB
  • Local Convenience Stores
  • Texas Hunting & Fishing Licenses Online

If you are new to fishing, you can visit to help you buy your first fishing rod and reel combo.

Summer Fishing Trips

Summer jetty boat trips run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Half-day fishing trip – on such a 4-5 hour trip you can focus on catching Kingfish, Ling, and Atlantic Sharpnose sharks.

Full-day fishing trip – on such an 8-hour fishing trip you can target Kingfish, Ling, and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.  If conditions allow, you can also bottom fish for Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, and Grouper.

11.5 & 12-hour fishing trips – the 11.5-hour trips run from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. The 12-hour jetty boat trips are for the night owls and run from 10:00 pm to 10:00 am. You can use a baitcasting reel for redfish to catch fish starting in June and the season will vary in length. On these trips, you can also target bottom fishing for Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, and Grouper.

Winter Fishing Trips

Winter jetty boat trips start after Labor Day and run until the following Memorial Day.

The 9-hour fishing trip aboard the ‘Wharf Cat” or “Scat Cat’ targets Kingfish, Ling, and Atlantic Sharpnose Shark.

The 11.5-hour fishing trip aboard the “Scat Cat” targets Kingfish, Ling, and Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks.  If conditions allow, you can bottom fish during this trip for Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, and Grouper.

The 12-hour fishing trip aboard the ‘Scat Cat’ will be a bottom fishing trip targeting Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, and Grouper. Electronic tackle will be provided by Fisherman’s Wharf.

Tuna Fishing Trips

Tuna fishing trips run in January, February, and March. These exciting jetty boat adventures fill up fast so be sure to book ahead.

Jetty Boat Adventures at Fisherman’s Wharf

For anyone not wanting to fish, Fisherman’s Wharf provides several other options.

San Jose Island Ferry Trip – You can visit San Jose island for some of the best bird watching around. You can spot numerous sea birds and coastal birds along the coastline on this trip.

This is a popular place for locals and tourists alike to get some fishing in. Reportedly the best fishing is on the North Jetty. You can enjoy swimming, relaxing on the beach, and strolling for sand dollars along 21 miles of undeveloped beach. Read our reviews of the Best Surf Fishing Rods if you need a new rod for your trip.

Here is a video of a jetty boat ride from San Jose island back to Fisherman’s Wharf at Port Aransas.

Port Aransas Sunset Cruises – You can enjoy a 2-hour cruise aboard the 81’ catamaran through the tropical waters of the golf. You can enjoy the warm ocean breeze and the vibrant colors as the sun sets on the coastline. This is a perfect trip for a romantic night or to visit with friends.

Dolphin Watch Cruises – Always a favorite aboard the jetty boat. The warm gulf waters provide a picturesque place for dolphin watching.

Whooping Crane Tours – depart from Port Aransas or Rockport Harbor. Every November thru early April the Wharf Cat cruises Aransas Bay to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. This is where the whooping cranes call winter home. The Wharf Cat has the highest observation deck of any other area vessel. This provides the best viewing and photography opportunities in Rockport and Port Aransas.


Fisherman’s Wharf provides the best fishing trips and adventures in Port Aransas.  When visiting Aransas be sure to check this place out. There are so many options for everyone to choose from.

Last Updated on December 9, 2023 by Victor Mays

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