Best Spinning Reel for Walleye 2020 (Walleye Fishing Reel)

Best Spinning Reel for Walleye: We have evaluated some of the top-rated walleye fishing reels out there to find you the Best Walleye Fishing Reel. If you are curious:

Pflueger President 30X is the Best Spinning Reel for Walleye.

Summary: Pflueger President 30X
  • Performance
  • Power & Drag
  • Speed & Gearing
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality & Durability

Pflueger President 30X has been a popular reel for years. Once you combine it with a quality rod, you’ll have a great all-around performer for walleye, largemouth, and smallmouth. It’s hard to find a better reel for your money.

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Now, let us move on to the in-depth review.

Best Spinning Reel for Walleye Review

Pflueger President series reels are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced walleye anglers. Pflueger designed this line to perform well in any environment and across fishing styles. This review will focus on the Pflueger President model PRESSP30X. This is often shortened in the angling community to The Pflueger President 30X.

Pflueger PRESSP30X President Spinning...


The specs on this reel are really amazing, considering the price point. The main selling point of this walleye fishing reel is the smooth operation, which comes from a full 9+1 bearings. This is more bearings than reels costing five times as much as the Pflueger President. We’ll talk in-depth about the bearings and their impact on performance later in this review.

Another area where the President series excels is in casting. You can get an amazing distance with the right casting technique. Even new anglers will find casting the 30X model to be delightfully easy.

One of the ways Pflueger was able to reduce the cost of the President series was to scale down the packaging. Instead of unboxing your reel from nice, heavy stock cardboard, you’ll need to cut through tough plastic bubble shell. The bubble shell does a good job of protecting the reel in shipping.


The 30X model also comes with an aluminum handle, graphite body, and rotor, slow oscillation gearing, and braid ready spool. All of these features are comparable to other reels on the market. One difference is in the rubber grommets used on the spool.

Basically, when you spin up the braid, the line clings to the rubber grommets. This prevents spinning on the spool. This small change allows you to forgo taping braid line to the spool to prevent spinning. It’s a small touch that takes a tiny frustration out of the walleye fishing experience.

The crank handle comes installed for right-handed anglers. It can be installed on either side and is very easy to change out. Simply unscrew the crank, switch the cap from one side to the other and then screw back in.

Make sure to screw the handle tight as the handle can sometimes come loose after large amounts of use.

Power & Drag

A 10 lb. stainless steel and oil felt drag system provides consistent drag precision and increased corrosion resistance. The drag is sealed well and provides for a smooth drag even at a distance.

The drag is a bit slower than other reels at the same price point. This allows you to catch a larger walleye on a smaller line once you have developed the necessary skill. This means the Pflueger President reel will grow with you as you enhance your skills as an angler.

Speed & Gears

The 30X President Model comes with a 5.2:1 Gear ratio, which is quite solid. A little over five spins for every crank of the handle. This equates to 25.3 in. of line retrieval as you are pulling in a fish.

You will be able to quickly reel in as soon as you feel your newly hooked fish giving up the fight. Larger models give significantly more retrieval but come with a higher weight.

The 30X model sits right in the middle of the line, giving you an excellent balance of weight and retrieval required for walleye.


You’ll quickly find the President 30X model provides an amazingly smooth turn out of the box. This is where the additional bearings come in.

Pflueger opted to use 9 sealed stainless steel bearings on the President line of reels. These bearings are corrosion resistant and provide unmatched smoothness, stability, and support for a reel this price.

It’s so smooth, in fact, that it’s hard to believe the President line is a budget series. You’ll find it easy to catch and reel in walleye, largemouth or smallmouth bass with the 30X.

The sealed stainless steel bearings will keep out water with ease. This means less maintenance on your reel and more time on the water. This is extremely valuable, especially for the novice or beginner angler.

Ease of Use

Overall, the Pflueger President 30X has a good balance to it and works well with six-foot rods. When the reel line was relaunched, Pflueger was able to reduce the weight of this model by approximately 10%. The new version of the 30X model weighs 8.8oz. This makes it a solid choice for new anglers who want to fish all day without hurting their back.

You’ll also put less strain on your wrist and forearm when fishing with a lighter reel. To help with arm fatigue, Pflueger has also designed a soft, ergonomic knob that grips well when wet. This will help you avoid potential hand cramps if you hold your knob for too long in one position.

Build Quality & Durability

Pflueger has crafted a heavy-duty solid aluminum bail wire for the President series. This bail wire is less prone to warping than competing products in the same price range. The reel is encased in a graphite body and also comes with an aluminum handle.

The graphite body is excellent at protecting your reel from everyday wear and tear. Do you tend to let your reels bang around in the back of your truck or in pole holders? This is the reel for you. Pflueger President is able to take a lot of damage. There is a definite feeling of quality here that is not always present in reels even 3X-5X the price. It is a refreshing change of pace.

The Pflueger President Series has a nice design that is painted blue with gold accents. There is a subdued elegance in this design that is highly functional while remaining attractive. Do you like having a color-coordinated fishing ensemble? This color scheme goes well with the majority of rods on the market.


In conclusion, the Pflueger President 30X is the best walleye fishing reel as per our reviews. You get tons of bang for your buck here. The 30X has a very smooth action thanks to the 10 bearing corrosion resistant system. This, frankly, is an amazing feature, especially for beginners.

You will have a highly durable reel, thanks to the encased graphite body. The lightweight of the reel and ergonomic soft knob provide comfort during long hours on the water. It’s no wonder this has been a popular reel for years.

Make sure to use the Pflueger President 30X with a good quality rod. Then you’ll have a tremendous setup that will be a great all-around performer reel walleye, largemouth, or smallmouth.

It’s hard to find a better reel for your dollar. Between the balance, ratio, retrieval, casting ability, low maintenance, and high performance for most anglers—it’s amazing. This is a good, flexible reel that can handle a number of environments and angling styles for a low price.

We hope you like our choice of the Best Spinning Reel for Walleye!