Best Spinning Reel for Walleye

Best Spinning Reel for Walleye

Best Spinning Reel for Walleye: We have evaluated some of the top fishing reels out there on the market to find you the Best Reels for Walleye Fishing.

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Shimano Sahara is the Best Walleye Spinning Reel.

Best Reels for Walleye Fishing

Here is our list of the 8 Best Walleye Reels:

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Best Spinning Reel for Walleye Reviews

Now, let us move on to the in-depth reviews.

Sahara FJ Spinning Reel

Sahara 2500 FJ

The Sahara FJ is the latest series in the famous history of Shimano Sahara reels. It comes with high-quality features to make you comfortable while fishing for Walleye. For starters, this fishing reel has changed the location of the oscillation system. This may seem minor but reeling this in causes reduced stress on your hands. With this feature, you have more control over your prey than other reels.

The roller bearings have some pretty cool features as well. The 4+1 bearings may seem a bit overkill but man is it smooth. They are anti-rust which means they have a longer lifespan than your average stainless steel ball bearings. The reel has an anti-reverse bearing that sets the hook for you. No need to jerk your line anymore to set a hook.

The real premium feature of this Walleye reel is the new rotor design. This rotor reduces rotational inertia and it is also lighter than the earlier generations. It also boasts a 30% reduction in rigidity.

You would think weight reduction would mean a loss in strength but it’s actually the opposite. The 2500-size model has a gear ratio of 5.0:1. It has a line capacity of  6/200, 8/140, 10/120 lb/yds. The line retrieval is 29 (in).

The X-Ship system ensures a smooth drag. The pinion is actually on both sides of the bearings. This eliminates the friction between your gears. You can feel it when you’re reeling in too. It feels a little like the power steering of a Cadillac. It’s smooth and effortless. This, frankly, is amazing, especially for beginners. Overall, it is the Best Walleye Reel as per our reviews.

Penn Battle II Fishing Reel

PENN Battle II Spinning Inshore Fishing...

As with most Penn products, there are a variety of sizes to match your needs perfectly. When I am casting for Walleye fish, I don’t want my arm to get tired because of the weight of my walleye fishing reel, but I want the power that I need to bring in fish. I think that 4000 is the perfect balance of power without being as heavy as some of the larger spinning reels.

When I take my Penn Battle II out, it is always strong enough to handle even the largest fish. Thanks to the 6.2:1 gear ratio and powerful HT 100 carbon fiber drag system. I have used it to catch Walleye, Catfish, Tarpon, Bass, and Grouper, and it has always been up to the task, even when they put up a fight.

I appreciate that this fishing reel is sealed, so I don’t have to worry about it getting splashed when I use it in the surf or jetties. This ensures that your Penn Battle II spinning reel will last as long as you want it to, no matter how often you use it. It is strong and durable due to its high-quality materials.

It is clear that the manufacturer has been listening to customer feedback. All of these high-quality features focus on things that customers have been asking. Overall, the Penn Battle II is the next Best Reel for Walleye Fishing as per our reviews. It is easy to use without many of the issues that anglers face with other spinning reels.

Supreme XT Walleye Reel

Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Spinning...

Pflueger Supreme XT is one of the Best Spinning Reels for Walleye out there. You get a ton of bang for your buck. The main selling point of this spinning fishing reel is the smooth drag, which comes from full 9+1 bearings.

The 30X has a very smooth operation thanks to the 10-bearing system. This is more ball bearings than spinning reels costing much more than Pflueger Supreme XT. We’ll talk in-depth about the stainless steel ball bearings and their impact on performance.

Another area where the President series excels is in casting. You can get an amazing distance with the right casting technique. Even new anglers will find casting the 30X model to be delightfully easy. The 30X Supreme XT Model comes with a 6.2:1 Gear ratio, which is quite solid. A little over five spins for every crank of the handle. This equates to 25.3 in. of line retrieval as you are pulling in a fish.

You will be able to quickly reel in as soon as you feel your newly hooked fish giving up the fight. Larger models give significantly more retrieval but come with a higher weight. The 30X size sits right in the middle of the line, giving you an excellent balance of weight and retrieval required for walleye.

You’ll quickly find the Supreme XT 30X model provides an amazingly smooth turn out of the box. This is where the additional ball bearings come in. Pflueger opted to use 9 sealed stainless steel bearings on the Supreme XT line of spinning reels.

These ball bearings are corrosion-resistant and provide unmatched smoothness and stability for a walleye fishing reel at this price. The sealed stainless steel ball bearings will keep out water with ease. This means less maintenance on your fishing reel and more time on the water.

Sedona FI Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Sedona 4000 FI Spinning Fishing...

Shimano Sedona FI 4000 is one of the Best Walleye Spinning Reels on the market. Designed with your comfort in mind, it gives you every advantage against your catch. It is a must for any serious fisherman’s arsenal. The Gear ratio is 4.7:1. The cross-carbon drag system provides up to 24 lbs of drag power. And it doesn’t look half bad either. You must check it out today.

Shimano Sedona FI has a pretty good lifespan for the price. I have not had mine for a full product life cycle yet, but it is built to last a long time. Obviously, it depends on how well you care for it, as with anything in life. You need to do more than rinse it with fresh water every once in a while.

I saw a video on YouTube of someone using this fishing reel. He lost his pole while helping his partner. The reel is so light that when he used it with a cork handle, it floated. And he still got his fish too. I’m not gonna throw my spinning reel in the water on purpose to test that. But, I will be getting a cork handle pole for it now. Better safe than sorry.

The crank handle comes installed for right-handed anglers. It can be installed on either side and is very easy to change out. Simply unscrew the crank, switch the cap from one side to the other, and then screw it back in. Make sure to screw the handle tight as the handle can sometimes come loose after large amounts of use.

Spinfisher VI Fishing Reel

PENN Spinfisher VI Spinning Inshore...

Penn Spinfisher VI can handle up to thirty pounds of drag and retrieves at a rate of 39 inches per spin. The 6.2 to 1 gear ratio is perfect for catching Walleye. The oversized washers are made of carbon fiber to allow for maximum pressure.

The main gears are a high-strength alloy, and the main shaft is stainless steel. This combination helps to transfer the power throughout the reel when you need it. The carbon fiber drag system provides up to 20 lb. of drag. That is why it is powerful enough to bring in even the big Walleye fish.

One of the major upgrades for this version of the Spinfisher is the new bail guide arm. It is a stronger, thicker wire, so it won’t get broken or bent as quickly as some of the older spinning reels. The bail arm doesn’t trip accidentally, so you don’t have to worry about losing your bait because the bail tripped while you were casting. Instead, you have to activate the bail wire manually.

In addition to the bail wire, they have also upgraded the sealant used to keep the fishing reel clean. Another factor that makes it easy to use is the spool that you use to lay your line. The Penn Spinfisher has a rubber stop on the spool itself. That small piece of rubber makes it, so you don’t have to use a monofilament backing when you are spooling the reel. It is completely ready to go as soon as you get your reel.

Another factor that makes the Penn Spinfisher VI one of the Best Walleye Reels is the oxide coating that makes sure your fishing reel is durable. The water-tight sealant along the most important parts of the reel ensures that you don’t get any water or debris in the working parts of the reel.

President 30X Trolling Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel, Size...

President series spinning reels are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced walleye anglers. Pflueger President 30X Trolling Reel is designed to perform well in any environment. You can use this Walleye reel across fishing styles and techniques, from jigging to trolling, casting, and retrieving. The specs on this fishing reel are really amazing, considering the price point.

One of the ways Pflueger was able to reduce the cost of the President series was to scale down the packaging. Instead of unboxing your reel from nice, heavy cardboard, you’ll need to cut through a tough plastic bubble shell. The bubble shell does a good job of protecting this trolling reel in shipping.

President 30X comes with an aluminum handle, graphite body, rotor, slow oscillation gearing, and braid-ready spool. This spinning reel has a gear ratio of 5.2:1. The aluminum spool has a mono line capacity of 200/2; 100/4; 80/6 YD/LB. Line retrieval is very smooth. All of these features are comparable to other walleye reels available on the market. One difference is in the rubber grommets used on the spool.

Basically, when you spin up the braid, the line clings to the rubber grommets. This prevents spinning on the spool. This small change allows you to avoid taping the braid line to the spool to prevent spinning. It’s a small touch that takes a tiny frustration out of your fishing experience.

A 10 lb. stainless steel and oil felt drag system provides consistent drag precision and increased corrosion resistance. The drag system is sealed well. The 30X has a very smooth action thanks to the 10-bearing system.

The President Series has a nice design that is painted blue with gold accents. There is a subdued elegance in this design that is highly functional while remaining attractive. Do you like having a color-coordinated fishing ensemble? This color scheme goes well with the majority of Walleye Fishing Rods on the market.

Fierce III Walleye Spinning Reel

PENN® Fierce® III Reel, 6000 - Box,...

Thanks to the powerful carbon fiber drag system on the Penn Fierce III, retrieving is easy. Even when you are using it as a trolling reel, it takes care of most of the retrieving so that you can keep working to find your next catch. The gear ratio is 6.2:1. The gear system aims to balance the right amount of power and speed.

There are four stainless steel ball bearings in the central gear system and another anti-reverse bearing. Although this walleye spinning reel doesn’t have the highest number of ball bearings, their quality is more important. They are all stainless steel to avoid corrosion. The anti-reverse bearing helps to distribute the power when you need it to. The drag system provides up to 15lb of drag thanks to the HT 100 carbon fiber drag washers.

Penn Fierce III is metal throughout the body and side plate. The aluminum spool has line capacity rings. Graphite spinning reels weigh less than metal alloys, but they are not as tough. Metal siding, like on the Penn Fierce III, is there to protect the carbon fiber drag system, in particular.

Even if you drop this walleye spinning reel, the metal casing won’t dent or break, so they can’t harm to gears underneath. Carbon-fiber washers and stainless steel ball bearings add to the durability and power of the reel making it one of the Best Walleye Reels.

You should always clean your fishing reel when you are done using it, but a little saltwater is not going to hurt this spinning reel. Penn Fierce III is not made to be completely submerged often, but it is sturdy enough to handle getting splashed or even dropped in the water.

Revo SX Spinning Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel, Size...

Abu Garcia Revo SX offers 11 lbs of drag. The drag system is easily adjustable mid-fight. But, I adjust the drag before I even throw my first cast. With this spinning fishing reel, I spend very little time messing with the drag system. Unless you catch a really big Walleye fish you weren’t expecting, you wouldn’t have to touch it. The gear ratio is 6.2:1.

At the end of the day, you want to know that your Walleye spinning reel can handle what you are bringing in. There is nothing worse than losing a catch because your fishing reel got stuck! You don’t have to worry about that with the Revo SX. It is powerful enough to handle pressure from large and angry Walleye fish.

I am impressed with the design. I feel that it looks cutting-edge and sleek. Its look matches its weight. Its enclosed gears give it a minimalist look. It comes with a smooth handle nob. Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel is ambidextrous. It can easily switch between left-handed and right-handed users.

The red and black design is part of what makes this spinning reel stand out. It is sleek and stylish, so you can feel good about showing it off to your fishing buddies. I know from experience that sometimes the paint can get scratched, especially when it gets exposed to rough conditions. But, generally, it looks great and has a functional design.

Penn Slammer 3

PENN 1403985 Slammer III Spinning Gold,...

Penn Slammer III 6500 is an easy-to-use reel due to its design, smooth drag, and anti-reverse clutch. It is a well-balanced reel perfect for long days of fishing.

The general rule of thumb is that a reel with more bearings is better than a reel with fewer. Most of the time, more bearings will make for smoother operation.

But quality is more important than quantity. The location of the bearings is another important factor.

There are eight bearings in the Penn Slammer III 6500, seven ball bearings, and one roller bearing. The roller bearing, which is stronger than a ball bearing, takes the load off the handle.

The full reel is heavy-duty aluminum, including the frame, the rotor, and the side plate. That aluminum construction is important for keeping the gears in place.

Many reels use graphite on the side plates, which can bend under pressure and damage the gears.

The IPX6-rated sealant covers the drag system, pinion gears, the body of the reel, and the main shaft. So water, sand, salt, or other debris cannot get inside the mechanical parts of the reel.

There is a one-year warranty on the Penn Slammer III 6500. You will have to pay for shipping to send it back to them, but they will repair or replace it. They will also pay for the shipping when they send you the new or fixed reel.


Again, here is our list of the 8 Best Spinning Reels for Walleye:

  1. Sahara FJSpinning Reel
  2. Penn Battle II Fishing Reel
  3. Supreme XT Walleye Reel
  4. Sedona FI Spinning Reel
  5. Spinfisher VI Fishing Reel
  6. President 30X Trolling Reel
  7. Fierce III Walleye Spinning Reel
  8. Revo SX Spinning Fishing Reel
  9. Penn Slammer 3

Shimano Sahara FJ is the Best Walleye Reel as per our reviews. It’s hard to find a better fishing reel for your dollar. Between the balance, ratio, retrieval, casting ability, low maintenance, and high performance for most anglers—it’s amazing. This is a good, flexible Walleye reel that can handle a number of environments and fishing styles.

As per Shimano’s website, they have a standard 1-year warranty on all reels. This seems industry standard, but they claim their products are free of defects. Likewise, they do cover defective parts. This is extremely valuable, especially for the novice or beginner angler.

They specifically do not cover if evidence of lack of maintenance exists. Make sure you are caring for it after each use. They do not cover normal wear and tear, corrosion, misuse, abuse, alteration, accidental damage, or neglect. You must also have the original receipt. If you buy it from some guy off a classified site, you may not be able to use the warranty.

If you are looking for a trolling reel, then you can go for President 30X or Fierce III. We hope you like our choice of the Best Reel for Walleye Fishing! If you would like to suggest any other walleye reels, please let us know via the comments sections. We will try to include your suggested spinning reels in our next update.

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