Best Walleye Fishing Rods in 2022

Best Walleye Rod: We have reviewed some of the top-rated spinning and casting rods out there to find you the Best Walleye Fishing Rods.

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St Croix Eyecon is the Best Walleye Rod as per our reviews.

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Best Walleye Rod Reviews

Here is our pick of the Best Walleye Rods:

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St Croix Eyecon Walleye Fishing Rod

St. Croix Rods Eyecon Spinning Rod...

St Croix Eyecon Walleye Fishing Rod is a popular and top-rated spinning rod. It does not matter whether you are trolling, cranking, rigging or jigging. You can always count on this spinning rod for great results. Every angler irrespective of their experience can use this rod with ease.

This fishing rod is great for streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds. It is highly versatile and dependable yet very affordable. In fact, this may be the most comfortable, and durable walleye rod on the market.

St Croix Walleye Fishing Rod is one of the most popular walleye rods when it comes to performance. It comes with exceptional Kegan Master Hand 4D guides. Also, it features strong, slim, and aluminum-oxide rings.

Gripping and handling are easy, thanks to the finest quality EVA handle. If you are looking for a fishing rod that offers great results in all environments, then you can go for St Croix Walleye Fishing Rod.

It should not surprise anybody that St Croix Eyecon is our top pick for a walleye rod.

Fenwick Elite Walleye Fishing Pole

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning...

Walleye anglers are always on the lookout for the most innovative rod. Fenwick Elite fishing poles are durable, reliable, and innovative. This award-winning pole features the most innovative blank, guides, and handle. It may be the most functional rod you can lay your hands in the market today.

Fenwick Elite Walleye Fishing Pole features everything you want in a 5-feet pole. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable fishing rod, then this is the ideal pick. This fishing pole is great for anglers looking for a match for their walleye lure and line.

The most outstanding feature is the titanium frame guides. To ensure you have a great fishing experience, Fenwick has used carbon blanks as well as titanium guides. It is almost bulletproof yet lightweight.

The handle is another amazing feature of this pole. The innovative handle design makes this pole easy to use for most anglers. Furthermore, the cork handle and the TAC makes for a solid grip. Even if the handle is wet, you will feel comfortable using this pole.

You would love this walleye pole for its extra-fast action.

Okuma Walleye Trolling Rod

Okuma Dead Eye Classic Walleye Rods...

Okuma is a popular brand when it comes to walleye fishing. One of the most loved walleye fishing rods on the market comes from the house of Okuma. Okuma Walleye Trolling Rod has been designed especially for walleye anglers. It is strong, reliable, and effective, thanks to the flex technology and superior fishing action.

Walleye anglers consider a lot of features when looking for a fishing rod. One of them is comfort. Okuma Walleye Trolling Rod is very comfortable to use thanks to the triangular EVA foam grip.

There are lots of other features also that stand out such as carbon fiber blank, fast action, responsive telescopic expansion, and retractions. In fact, this walleye rod is perfect for jigging and trolling.

Okuma Walleye Trolling Rod is rugged and durable due to its stainless-steel material. It also uses a titanium oxide guide. All inserts are protected because of the stainless-steel tip that makes it impossible for the inserts to pop out. The craftsmanship makes this rod stand out from other walleye rods out there.

KastKing WideEye Walleye Jigging Rod

KastKing WideEye Walleye Casting &...

Another top-rated walleye rod that we have reviewed Kastking Walleye Jigging rod. This extra fast casting rod is perfect for jigging. The power makes it easy to catch big walleye fish.

The rod length is six feet and two inches which is great for most walleye anglers. Furthermore, it is easy to use and portable. The short length and medium power make it easier to catch walleye of any size, especially those ranging from six to ten pounds.

KastKing Walleye Jigging Rod comes with many interesting features that make this casting rod stand out among others. The length is great for walleye anglers, and it is highly rated for its extra-fast action, power, and sensitivity. It also features a Fuji Tangle K frame guide and the Fuji reel seats.

It is a great walleye rod irrespective of your level and experience.

Cadence CR5-30 Walleye Spinning Rod

Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods | 30...

Cadence Walleye Spinning Rod is another top-notch pole that we have used. It is a 6-feet and 6 inches long rod with medium power and fast action. It is a good all-around walleye spinning rod as you can comfortably use it for both trolling and jigging. You can also use it anywhere thanks to its versatility.

If you are looking for a walleye rod that can serve all fishing styles, you should go for Cadence Walleye Spinning Rod. It is indeed one of the most versatile fishing rods out there making it conducive for all-purpose walleye fishing.

It features a stainless-steel guide with its Sic inserts, as well as EVA and cork grip. In fact, when you consider all the features, you can see this is one of the top walleye rods you can lay your hands on.

Cadence fishing rods are one of the most reliable in the industry. They are designed with the finest high-quality material.

Okuma Deadeye Walleye Trolling Combo

OKUMA Classic Pro Salmon Trolling Combo...

Okuma has some great walleye fishing rods. One of them is Okuma Deadeye Walleye Trolling Combo. There are lots of features that stand it out from others. The topmost is durability thanks to the E Glass blank construction, and a stainless-steel hooded reel seat.

The double-footed aluminum oxide makes Okuma Walleye Trolling Combo suitable even for harsh environments. The versatility of this rod makes it suitable for all kinds of fishing techniques.

When it comes to quality, it is obvious that Okuma Walleye Trolling Combo has an edge. It is good for trolling and you can use it even in saltwater. You can use it in the harshest environments, without any worry. It is one of the most durable walleye combos on the market

Handling is another great attribute. You can be sure of comfort because of the EVA foam grips. It grips well and you can hardly feel the weight.

Okuma Walleye Trolling Combo is an award-winning product that can last you for many years.

Ugly Stik Walleye Fishing Rod and Reel

Ugly Stik USCAWAL762ML/RNDCBO Walleye...

This is a medium-light action rod that is known for its rugged construction. Yet, it is lightweight and very sensitive. The Walleye rod and reel combo are great for walleye anglers thanks to the medium-light action, build quality, and ease of use.

Ugly Stik is famous for its toughness and durability. Ugly Stik Walleye Fishing Rod is a one-piece rod that comes with stainless-steel guides. The combo also includes a size 20 reel.

Ugly Stik Walleye Fishing Rod and Reel is great for trolling. It is a versatile combo that you can also use for fishing trout or landlocked salmon. When it comes to quality, this walleye rod and reel combo are top-rated. Most walleye anglers rate it high for the fast working line. You are going to enjoy every bit of the action with this walleye rod and reel.

Shimano All-Around Walleye Rod

Shimano TDR 9'0' M 2-Piece Freshwater...

Shimano has a great reputation when it comes to fishing equipment. One of the best all-around walleye rods on the market comes from Shimano. The length and medium power make it a great spinning rod for walleye anglers. Shimano All-Around Walleye Rod is a great pick as you can use it for all your fishing activities. Dipsy divers, downriggers, and trolling anglers would love this rod.

Shimano All-Around Walleye Rod is very durable yet sensitive thanks to the aero glass material, and aluminum oxide guides. It is durable, lightweight, reliable, affordable, and easy to use. It is not surprising that Shimano continues to dominate the fishing industry.

The spinning rod comes with an EVA foam rubber grip that makes it comfortable to handle. Besides, the split grip style makes it great for offshore fishing. Whether you are a professional walleye angler or a beginner, you can use Shimano All-Around Walleye Rod with great ease. You can use this in all kinds of waters.

Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit

Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit 117...

When you buy the Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit, it comes with almost all the tackle you may need to fish for walleye. Thanks to the quality, design, and value, it makes for a great gift as well.

Most of the walleye fishing tackle and lures are included in this walleye starter kit. It is suggested you use all the items together from the kit for the most effective walleye fishing.

The lure set features a deep-diving fire trigger, and this is perfect for casting and trolling. It also includes paddle tail swimbaits, chartreuse disc worms, grub lure baits, crawler worm harness spinners, and bottom bouncers.

Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit comes with a book to guide beginners about walleye fishing. The book is the work of expert walleye anglers. You can easily learn how to fish for walleye as the book is not difficult to understand. It is written in a way that is easy for beginners to understand.

The book contains step-by-step instructions, photos, and diagrams to help you learn how to fish for walleye.

Walleye Rod Buying Guide

Every angler wants to catch walleye due to its popularity. You need the right rod before you go on your walleye fishing trip. But choosing a walleye rod is not easy.

There are several walleye fishing rods available on the market. When choosing a walleye rod, you must understand the different types of walleye rods and their features. Your choice will depend on how, when, and where you plan to catch walleye. The information here will help you to buy the right rod for you. Keep reading to understand different types of rods and how to buy one.

Types of Walleye Rods

There are three main techniques of fishing walleye – trolling, jigging, and spinning. In making your choice, you must consider what technique you will use and accordingly pick a rod.

Trolling Rods

The difference between trolling rods and the two others is the setup. If you are planning for catching heavier fish, then you need a heavier setup. In such scenarios, you will need a trolling rod.

if you are planning trolling fishing, you need a longer rod with medium, medium-heavy, or heavy power.

The rod is a shock absorber. This is great for inner planner boards. Trolling rods become very important when you need a rod, which can withstand pulsing lines from the water waves.

If you do not need a stronger then it could break. You need a better-quality rod that can withstand that challenge and trolling rods can come to the rescue in this kind of situation.

Trolling rods are bland, comfortable to use and they are durable. The length of such rods is from 7 feet to 10 inches. This kind of rod is medium or moderate power. As said earlier they are often comfortable. This features a rock-solid reel seat.

This kind of rod is durable, and it is rugged. Most of them feature the best quality EVA foam handle. It is in most cases very comfortable to use. If you want to fish in a rugged and tough environment, then you can consider troll fish rods.

Spinning rods

Another type of walleye rod is the spinning rod. Spinning rods are not as heavy as the trolling rods, and also not as light as the jigging rods. Spinning rods are great because you can use them with different lures, and catch different sizes of walleye.

It is important that when you are picking a spinning rod, you consider the design, the quality, and other features. If you are fishing for walleye, you should go for a medium-heavy fast action spinning rod for ideal performance.

Whether you are a seasoned or beginner angler, your decision to use a spinning rod depends on some factors. These factors will help you buy the right spinning rod. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • If the spinning rod is ideal for beginners or professionals.
  • Whether the spinning rod is comfortable or not.
  • Whether the rod is easy to use or not.
  • What about the build quality and durability of the spinning rod?

Depending on the water and your experience, decide whether to use a heavy or light spinning rod. If you are looking for the best spinning rod for walleye fishing, do not forget to check the baiting system.

Jigging rod

The last type of walleye rod to consider is the jigging rod. There is a difference between this and the earlier two. A jigging rod is more sensitive than trolling and spinning rods. Jigging rods also tend to be lighter and more versatile.

Walleye jigging rods are more sensitive as they are lightweight. When you use a walleye jigging rod, it is natural to opt for vertical jigging to get better results.

The jigging rods are easy to use and preferred by beginners. Moreover, they are easy to control. A jigging rod is a good starting rod before advancing to superior rods.

If you are looking for a walleye jigging rod, you must consider the materials. The best walleye jigging rods are made of glass composite or graphite as they perform better than others.

With this information, we hope it is now easier for you to determine the right type of walleye fishing rod. Like we said earlier, the type of walleye rod depends on technique as well as your experience level. If you are a beginner, start with walleye jigging rods.

How to Pick a Walleye Fishing Rod

Choosing the best walleye fishing rod is not easy. You must check the factors below before buying your first walleye rod. We hope the information here will help you to pick the right rod.

Power & Action

The most important factor is power. The power should be either medium or medium-light for walleye fishing. You must choose a rod you can comfortably use. A lightweight model is very convenient for beginners. Moreover, most lightweight rods are fast-action rods.

The rod must suit your fishing style. Most walleye anglers prefer fast-action rods, but you must also take your fishing style into consideration. Most jigging rods are lightweight and fast action.


The length of your walleye rod is very important. Most walleye anglers prefer a length from 5 to 7 feet for ideal performance.

A short length makes it easier to maneuver the rod while a long length makes it easier to bend the rod. The ideal length also depends on the type of rod. If you are jigging, you need a shorter length for fast action. If you are using a trolling or spinning rod then you need a longer rod for superior performance.


Blank is the real rod part is a fishing rod. You must consider the type of material used in the blank when picking a fishing rod for walleye.

The ideal material is graphite or glass. There are other materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, and composite blends. The most important thing is that you choose a sensitive blank.


Guides are the loops for moving the fishing line through to the blank. Some guides are metal or metal frames, while most of the rods feature ceramic inserts. You must determine the type of guides that offer you the best result. Most importantly, look for a rod that takes your fishing to the highest level.

Build Quality

You must also consider the build quality when picking a walleye rod. If you want a fishing rod you can use for a long time, look for great build quality.

The rod should be rugged, and able to withstand different fishing environments. You should be able to use your rod in different kinds of water so you must be careful when making your choice.

Reel Seat and Handle

Most of the best walleye rods feature cork handles. The rod should not slip your hand, rather it should grip firmly so that you get better results.

The reel seat is the part of that rod handle that secures the reel to the rod. The type of reel seat is indispensable when buying a walleye fishing rod.


To recap, here is our list of the 9 Best Walleye Rods:

  1. St Croix Eyecon Walleye Fishing Rod — Winner
  2. Fenwick Elite Walleye Fishing Pole — Runner Up
  3. Okuma Walleye Trolling Rod
  4. KastKing WideEye Walleye Jigging Rod
  5. Cadence CR5-30 Walleye Spinning Rod
  6. Okuma Deadeye Walleye Trolling Combo
  7. Ugly Stik Walleye Fishing Rod and Reel
  8. Shimano All-Around Walleye Rod
  9. Tailored Tackle Walleye Fishing Kit

It is clear from our reviews that Fenwick Walleye Fishing Pole is the Best Walleye Rod on the market. It comes with some of the most innovative features combined with durability and ease of use. Fenwick Walleye Fishing Pole is highly sensitive and versatile for use in all fishing environments.

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