Best Ultralight Spinning Rod 2018

Best Ultralight Spinning Rod: We have reviewed some of the top-rated spinning rods out there to help you buy the Best Ultralight Spinning Rod.

If you are in a hurry:

Daiwa Minispin is the Best Ultralight Spinning Rod as per our reviews.

Daiwa Minispin Review

  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Value


Get the kind of excitement that makes catching trout, bluegill, or any other fish fun with the Daiwa Minispin. This is an ultralight spinning reel and rod combo which comes in a multi-purpose hard carry case.

This convenient compact kit is ready for all your fishing needs whenever, wherever.


The perfect size for on the go fishing. With dimensions of 14×7.8×2.5 inches; the ideal size for conveniently storing in your luggage, in the back of the trunk, under the seat, or even in a motorcycle saddle bag.

Extremely smooth and powerful; easily making it your preferred fishing travel mate.

What’s Inside the Box

This setup comes with its own ready-to-travel, ultra-compact hard case, which contains built-in tackle compartments.

Inside is a one ball bearing, ultralight MS-S500 T reel and the 4.5 foot, collapsible, five-piece ultralight matching rod that connects to the reel. The reel is smooth in terms of action and power.


The Daiwa Minispin has great features which will easily make it your preferred companion for weekend getaways or your unexpected fishing trips. Rest assured, with this combo you can fish anywhere you go. With this ultralight kit you’ll always be prepared anytime, anywhere. It is perfect all around.

It’s pretty much the best option of all ready-to-use ultralight spinning rods. Its compact features prove to be extremely convenient.

This spinning combo, brought to you by Daiwa, is perfect for many situations. For instance, while on the road, camping trips, backpacking, and/or suitable for carrying in smaller vehicles.

You won’t ever have an excuse of not being able to pull over and fish because you don’t have your fishing gear. Because with this rod and reel combo, you’ll always be equipped everywhere. Overall, its awesome features are the reasons we find this to be one of the best ultralight spinning rods.


The Daiwa Minispin is incredibly lightweight. The entire kit weighs around one pound. But just because it’s light does not mean you won’t be able to catch fish with it, because you will.

The lightweight is just a perk instead of hauling heavy luggage around. Perhaps it doesn’t have all the fancy features your larger, heavier rods have, but this rod and reel combo won’t weigh you down. Bumping this kit to surely become your preferred traveling mate in all your fishing haunts.

Frame & Materials

The rod consists of a five-piece design. It is made out of carbon fiber which is extremely durable. The rod’s frame length is 4.5 feet when fully constructed. Definitely a great size for a composite rod.

The reel contains a multi-disc drag with a fast 5.1 – 1 retrieve. It also includes GyroSpin balancing and a Twist Buster line for twist reduction. The reel, despite being only one ball bearing, runs smoothly.

With a ball bearing drive that will allow you to pull out different types of fish of up to 8 lbs. Reeling in fish feels sturdy and solid at the same time.


The rod itself is very flexible due to its carbon fiber exterior. This allows you to get the fishing job done. It flexes enough to get that great catch. You are bound to get great pleasure with its flexibility performance as fish put up a fight when you are reeling them in.


A pro feature of this product is that it is extremely versatile. You can use it for all your on-the-go fishing trips.

The collapsible five-piece design makes it suitable to be carried without being heavy and burdensome. We like this better than lugging larger rods. You’ll be pleased with the portability and convenience it offers.

This composite rod proves to be very handy. A must have in your arsenal of fishing gear especially for spur-of-the-moment fishing trips emerge. One doesn’t always lug their huge fishing gear. Yet, the fact that you can store this kit anywhere you go makes it versatile to be used everywhere there’s a body of water.

Ease of Use

This rod and reel combo is awfully easy to use. Its portable properties are not a hassle to put the rod and reel together. On the contrary, they are easy to put together and take apart.

Setting up the reel is as easy as 1,2,3. It literally sets up in less than two minutes. But that’s not it. If you’re a lefty, good news, the handle is reversible. Making it easy for any lefthander to use as well.

As far as setting up the rod goes, it simply requires to align and attach the five pieces together and you’re all set to cast and begin fishing. When you’re done with your fishing excursion, you can easily take it apart and conveniently to fit inside a single case.

Build Quality & Durability

The build of this ultralight rod and reel combo is one of the greatest. It is very well made and extremely durable. You can take this gear with you to several fishing trips for years to come without a worry of a malfunction.

But if there happened to be any defect against materials and workmanship, do not fret, all Daiwa products include a limited warranty. What a relief!

The reel holds a decent amount of line. And the matching rod holds two-to-six pound test lines and 0.0625 (1/16)-to-0.25 (1/4)  ounce lures. Overall it is a rod that feels sturdy and durable.

Design Appearance

Daiwa Minispin is cleverly designed. It includes many great features despite it being compact. Simply combine the rod and the reel and it’s ready to be cast and wait for a bite.

The ultra-compact hard case is black and can be kept secure with its four latches. In addition, the case has built-in tackle compartments. This comes in handy for your fishing trip’s needs. The compartments are big enough to carry a few lures, extra weights, hooks, or whatever else you might need on your fishing trip.

This kit is strictly designed for anglers on the move. Although the lower end of the rod’s grip is a little smaller than other rods and it may take some getting used to, but it will begin to feel comfortable after a few casts.

The pole stays together perfectly. Its design is on the casual side. It is sleek and nicely constructed. It adds that touch to the lightweight properties.


Daiwa Minispin is the Best Ultralight Spinning Rod as per our reviews.

This is the perfect solution for any beginner or avid fisher on the go. We recommend this ultralight spinning kit if you like going to local ponds and don’t want to bring all your gear.

With the Daiwa Minispin you will never have to be without a rod. Without a doubt, it is an appropriate and affordable option. One of the best ultralight spinning rods.

  • Performance
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Value

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