Best Spinning Reel Under 200

Best Spinning Reel Under 200: We have reviewed some of the top-rated fishing reels under $200 to find you the Best Spinning Reel Under 200.

If you are in a hurry:

Pflueger Supreme XT 30X is the Best Spinning Reel Under 200.

Pflueger Supreme XT 30X
  • Performance
  • Power and Drag
  • Speed and Gearing
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

Pflueger Supreme XT Review

The Pflueger Supreme XT 30X is a fantastic lightweight fishing reel that is durable and smooth-casting. It is perfect for the lake or river fishing in particular, but you can use it for surf fishing as well.

The price is lower than other reels, but that doesn’t mean it sacrifices on the quality!


It is incredible that such an affordable reel comes with ten bearings! The 6.2 to 1 gear ratio allows the Pflueger Supreme XT 30X to retrieve quickly. A one-piece drag system lets out ten pounds of drag, and it has a ten-pound braid capacity.

You will want to try one of the other sizes that are available for larger catches.

What’s Inside the Box

The Pflueger Supreme will come preassembled in the box, so you don’t even have to put the handle on.

It does not come with any spare parts. I take that as a sign that it is going to last for a long time without needing replacement parts!


The Pflueger Supreme has some impressive features that set it apart as a fantastic reel. My favorite is the slow-oscillation gearing system. It moves the spool up and down at a slower rate than other spinning reels so that the line doesn’t get caught or twisted.

Another thing that makes the Pflueger Supreme XT so great is how it feels in your hand. The rotor and body of the reel are made of lightweight but durable magnesium, while the handle is carbon-fiber.

It also has a one-piece drag system that helps keep it comfortable for hours of fishing. Many anglers consider aluminum reels as stronger. But when I am inshore fishing, the Pflueger Supreme feels so much better in my hand than my aluminum options.

I have used my Pflueger Supreme for multiple fishing expeditions to nearby lakes and rivers. I have even taken it to the ocean on a few occasions. Despite the fact that the SUPXTSP30X is a relatively small reel size, it has helped me to catch more than my fair share of trout, bass, and bluefish. Some of them have gotten up to around ten pounds, but the Pflueger Supreme XT has been able to handle it all.

Power & Drag

The drag on the Pflueger Supreme is smooth and easy to work with. It is a one-piece system, which gives it a few advantages. First of all, the single-piece design allows the rod to stay lightweight. There are no extra washers or other parts to weigh it down.

Another benefit of the one-piece drag system is that there is less opportunity for anything to break. You will not have to replace any of the parts in your Pflueger Supreme because they designed it for easy maintenance.

No matter how much tension I use, the drag is terrific, and I want it to stay that way. There is a specific sealant on the drag system of the reel so that water cannot get into the inner parts. The sealant is strong enough to keep out salt water, sand, or other debris that could damage the reel.

Pflueger’s Supreme XT is powerful enough to handle a few large fish who might be fighting the line. Even though it is a small reel for fish that are only a few pounds, I have used it to bring in fish that are double that weight.

Speed & Gears

The slow oscillation gearing system that moves the spool up and down is perfect for keeping the line threaded without any problems. But, it does not change the speed of retrieve or the action of the bail arm. It allows me to cast long distances and also lets me control the retrieve speed naturally.

With a high-speed gear ratio of 6.2 revolutions per spin, the Pflueger Supreme XT is perfect for a variety of situations. When you need to let line out quickly, it can do that, but it also works for medium crankbait fishing where you need to go a little slower. It is the best choice for bass anglers because you can use it for different times in the season.

It can retrieve about 31.8 inches per crank, so you can quickly pull in when you have a fish pulling on your line. Just remember that the size of the spool you are using can affect the retrieve rate. The Pflueger Supreme XT is fast and controlled, so the person holding the reel can decide how to use its features for different situations.


Ten is the maximum number of bearings that a spinning reel can hold, and the Pflueger Supreme puts all of them to work. Having so many bearings helps keep the reel operating smoothly. Also, you can crank the handle without worrying about it getting stuck.

All of the bearings use the same high-quality materials as the rest of the reel, so you can trust that it is going to be that smooth for as long as you have it. However, sometimes the bearings can begin to get stuck when they don’t have enough lubrication.

If you start to realize that your crank is getting jammed, especially if it only gets stuck in a particular position, you should contact Pflueger for support.

Ease of Use

The Pflueger Supreme XT is easy to use because it lets you guide it. Its aluminum bail arm flips easily into place, to let know that it has caught something.

Thanks to the smooth drag, quick retrieve rate, and anti-reverse clutch mechanisms, the whole process goes well, from baiting to reeling your fish in. And, the lightweight and ergonomic design mean that you won’t get tired after using it for a while.

Build Quality & Durability

High-quality materials set the Pflueger Supreme apart because they keep the reel light but sturdy. The magnesium and carbon fiber that they used throughout the reel is durable and resistant to wear and tear. You can be sure that your reel is going to last for as long as you need it to.

There is one part of the Pflueger Supreme that is not as lightweight, compared to the rest of the reel. That is because the bail arm is sturdy aluminum. Bails are often the first things to get broken on a spinning reel, so Pflueger made this one stronger than expected.

Another part of the reel that was designed to last longer is the drag system. In other products, the drag can be affected when something gets into the gears, or they can get stuck. The Pflueger Supreme made the whole system out of one piece, so it is a lot harder to break.

Sometimes, the handle can get stuck or can come off of the reel when you are spinning it backward. Most of the time that is because it is smaller than you might expect for a reel with this capacity. Making sure that your rod is balanced can fix the issue.

The Pflueger Supreme is surprisingly strong for such a lightweight reel. It is durable enough to handle several hours of fishing daily, and won’t fall apart when you use it a lot. High-quality materials and a single-piece drag system make this reel durable.

Design & Appearance

People notice the Pflueger Supreme when I take it to the lake. It has a stylish black design with orange accents. Those orange accents are perfectly placed to make the reel stand out. The overall design is similar to others, but you begin to notice features and details when you take a good look at it.

Even though you can use this reel in saltwater, sometimes the salt will scratch off some of the paint. The sealant is there to protect the gear system from water damage, but it is not there to keep the appearance.

It took a couple of years for me to notice the paint scratches, but I don’t fish in salt water often. A couple of scratches are not enough for me to stop using my favorite reel, so they don’t bother me too much.

Warranty & Customer Service

All Pflueger products come with a one-year warranty, including the Pflueger Supreme XT. In most cases, you will have to ship it to the manufacturer and complete some paperwork. They will repair it or send you a new one immediately. Be aware that some things might void the warranty, like misusing the product, or taking the reel apart.

The Pflueger company really knows how to stand behind their products. Their customer service is easy to work with and available by phone or through a form on their website. They respond quickly, and you can get ahold of them at almost any time of the day!


As per our reviews:

Pflueger Supreme XT 30X is the Best Spinning Reel Under 200.

The Pflueger Supreme is a lightweight, smooth, and strong reel. It offers great value for money when you compare it to other products of the same quality. The high-speed gear ratio and smooth drag system make it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy different types of fishing.

Pflueger Supreme XT 30X
  • Performance
  • Power and Drag
  • Speed and Gearing
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality

We hope you like our pick of the Best Spinning Reel Under 200 dollars. If you would like to suggest any other spinning reel under $200 for review then let us know via the comments section. We will try to include it in our next update.

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